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ghetto fabulous is what we are
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Guys and Gals, welcome to .

01. Be aware that this is a rating community, and if you don't like getting told that you suck a lot then don't apply.
02. MODS will always have the final say about you. If we all don't like you then too bad for you.
03. In the subject line put "new kid"
04. Please use a fucking LJ cut. I don't want you flooding the friggin' page. mkay. thanks
05. Bold your questions on the app.
06. Don't post anything until you have been stamped.
07. Don't fight with the people who reply to your app. If they don't like you then they don't like you. Get over it.
08. You can post as many pictures as you want in your app, just don't have them take up the whole page. Resize them or something. It sucks when it takes 10 hours for the page to load.
09. If you're rejected, you can repost your app. in 2 weeks
10. Mods votes are counted as 2 votes.

sweetcaroline15's application (Carolyn)= http://www.livejournal.com/community/love_____affair/986.html#cutid1

taylah_____jane's application (Taylor)= http://www.livejournal.com/community/love_____affair/1439.html#cutid1

Dudes don't use this application in rich text. It won't work!!

Accepted Members.

take out the stars,please!!!

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Sister Communities:

If you want to be a sister community, IM me at diagnose me doc. I will make it happen.

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