Patricia (thenightyoudied) wrote in love_____affair,

New Kid <3

1) Name: Patricia
2) Age: 16
3) Sexual preference: Guys
4) Hometown: Kingsville, Texas
5) Brother/Sisters? Pictures if you have them: One brother.

Image hosted by

6) Movies: Friday Night Lights, The Notebook, The Day After Tomorrow, Radio
7) Bands: Acceptance, A Static Lullaby, As I Lay Dying, At The Drive In, Atreyu, Before Today, Bright Eyes, Circle Takes The Square, The Doors, Hawthorne Heights, Solarium, ect+
8) Foods: Anything Mexican.
9) Artical of clothing: Jeans
10) Piercing or tattoo: My favorite piercing are lip rings. don’t have one yet.
11) Season: Winter

12) Drinking alcohol: I don’t mind it.
13) Smoking(anything): Same thing. I don’t mind as long as you don’t pressure me to do it.
14) sXe: By all means, if you want to be straight edge go for it. I may not be straight edge but I still think its good way to go.
15) College/school: School can be hard and a pain at times but at least you have the people that care for you there.

|*-How many times have you...-*|
16) had sex: No
17) gone to concerts(which ones?): yes.
Shinedown, 3 Doors Down, Ill Nino, Element 80, Unwanted Music Festival,
18) Flunked a class: not the semester just the six weeks.

19) Pick 2 bands that you think each MOD listens to. It's okay if you're completely off. It's just cool to see what you think we like:
a.)sweetcaroline: Le Tigre
b.)[Bad username: taylah______jane]:
The Postal Service
20) Give names and pictures of your coolest friends:
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Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

21) Give pictures of your favorite places/buildings/whatever in your town: I don’t any of those.
22) Where did you hear about love_____affair?: surebob_britt55
23) Promote this community in two places and give links. We will be checking.=):

24) Post a 100x100 photo of you for the members page. And it better be 100x100 or we will hunt you down and rip your insides out. Seriously it's not that hard.:Image hosted by
25) Pictures of you. Preferably good facial shots:

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Image hosted by

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