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ok, ive never applied for a rating community before, and i read the rules but im still confused. hopefully i did this right.

1) Name:ryan
2) Age:14
3) Sexual preference:male
4) Hometown:kennebunk (THE BUNK), MAINE
5) Brother/Sisters? Pictures if you have them:
sister, no pics
she looks just like me though, except female, 11 years old, and longer hair, lol

6) Movies:napoleon dynamite, not another teen movie, while you were sleeping [stfu :)]
7) Bands:guster, the strokes, the vines, my chemical romance, pink floyd, i could go on forever but ill save you a few hours
8) Foods: macaroni and cheese, cheese omelettes, medium mocha shakes from dq :)
9) Artical of clothing:uhh...OHH i get it, lol...umm...i have a lot of hoodies, my friends think im obsessed. so yeahhh
10) Piercing or tattoo:nope
11) Season:fall! im not sure why.

12) Drinking if you can control yourself. i probably wont ever drink because everyone in my family on both sides gets addicted
13) Smoking(anything):uhh deff not, ill die haha
14) sXe:umm....after married its ok. im not sure if before that is good or not. im only 14 lol.
15) College/school:school is GREAT!!! hahahaha just kidding. its alright though for school. and college is good because you can get a good job.

|*-How many times have you...-*|
16) had sex: ughh i have to count that high??!?!?!?!? ;)
duhh just kidding
17) gone to concerts(which ones?):hahahahah oh boy
nysnc in 5th grade
good charlotte, less than jake, new found glory
lillix and stacie orrico at funtown (booya!)
i think thats it...
18) Flunked a class:not yet....but this quarter isnt looking so good

19) Pick 2 bands that you think each MOD listens to. It's okay if you're completely off. It's just cool to see what you think we like:
a.)sweetcaroline:hahaha hmm........maybe....action action chemical romance?
b.)[Bad username: taylah______jane]:
ughh.....guster and green day
20) Give names and pictures of your coolest friends:
Image hosted by
me and tom, im on the left, tom on the right

Image hosted by
rana on top, katey in middle, christine on bottom

Image hosted by
me and tom again lol

Image hosted by
ALEX!!! i love this kid

Image hosted by
alex again!

Image hosted by
me and my cousin scott

Image hosted by
me and scott again

Image hosted by
me and my cousin amanda!

Image hosted by
haha umm......

Image hosted by
me and my cousins pretending to be GHETTO!
21) Give pictures of your favorite places/buildings/whatever in your town:dont have any of those
22) Where did you hear about love_____affair?:from warning____
23) Promote this community in two places and give links. We will be checking.=): &
24) Post a 100x100 photo of you for the members page. And it better be 100x100 or we will hunt you down and rip your insides out. Seriously it's not that hard.:hahahahahah oh man
well my icon is of me, and its 100x100! look at that!!! :)
25) Pictures of you. Preferably good facial shots:hahahahh oh boy...ill show u a few crazy moments of randomness...
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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