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1) Name:Mac

2) Age:14

3) Sexual preference:boys

4) Hometown:the capital. im not jokeing.

5) Brother/Sisters? Pictures if you have them:yes two. lexi (18) chloe (12)




6) Movies:eurotrip, garden state, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, american history x, alfie, grind, tomb raider, spice world, cruel intentions

7) Bands:bright eyes, the streets, hot hot heat, brand new, the medics, hysterics, tilly and the wall, sufjan stevens, the shins, beastie boys, the talking heads, elton john, the postal service, dispatch, john mayer, dave mathews band, (and so many more)

8) Foods:pickels, pretzels, pasta, ice cream, chips & salsa

9) Artical of clothing: my shoes

10) Piercing or tattoo: my ears are both pierced, im scared to do anymore

11) Season:spring


12) Drinking alcohol: i have no problem with it. im use to it. just be careful.

13) Smoking(anything): again no problem with it. but if you are going to do it do it in a safe place with people that will take care of you.

14) sXe:AGAIN, be careful, everyone is ready or think they are ready at different times, and i don't think we should be able to judge if it is right for someone else to have sex at a certain time, it is their choice.

15) College/school:stay in school.

|*-How many times have you...-*|

16) had sex:1

17) gone to concerts(which ones?):9, the spice girls (i was 7), britney spears, bsb (2), nysnc, madonna, tlc, beastie boys, american idol (my friends birthday gift)

18) Flunked a class:never


19) Pick 2 bands that you think each MOD listens to. It's okay if you're completely off. It's just cool to see what you think we like:
a.)sweetcaroline: bright eyes, fall out boy
b.)4nocityskyline: fall out boy, taking back sunday
c.)[Bad username: taylah______jane]:
the used, senses fail

20) Give names and pictures of your coolest friends:

anja, me, adjua, lauren, leila(best friends)

micah (big crush)

nika (best friend from camp)

21) Give pictures of your favorite places/buildings/whatever in your town:

georgetown- shopping, hookah bar, movie theater, mall,ect.

22) Where did you hear about love_____affair?: warning____

23) Promote this community in two places and give links. We will be checking.=):
for some reason the banners aren't working but i'm still gonna promote. check it out. &&&

24) Post a 100x100 photo of you for the members page. And it better be 100x100 or we will hunt you down and rip your insides out. Seriously it's not that hard.:

25) Pictures of you. Preferably good facial shots:

title or description

title or description

enjoy ♥


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