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New Kid (in town?)

1) Name: Brittany
2) Age: 13
3) Sexual preference: Straight (I like boys)
4) Hometown: Edinburg, TX
5) Brother/Sisters? Pictures if you have them: Sister. Sorry no picture.

6) Movies:Big Fish, Edward Scissorhands, All Star Wars (Even the old ones)
7) Bands: The December Drive, Bright Eyes, Reggie and The Full Effect, The Futureheads, The Honorary Title, etc.
8) Foods: Anything japanese or chinese.
9) Artical of clothing: What? I like jeans. =)
10) Piercing or tattoo: I like lip peircings but I do not have a piercing
11) Season: ooo Winter!!

12) Drinking alcohol: Nothing is wrong with drinking alcohol. Just under age drinking is a tad bit messed up.
13) Smoking(anything): What kind of smoking?? LOL naw, um.. smoking is bad either way. Weed or cigarettes. Still screwing up your life. No effense to those who do smoke. I mean I got friends who smoke too.
14) sXe: Straight Edge.. mmm. I'm all for it. Even though I am not straight edge myself. I respect those who are.
15) College/school: School is nice. Sometimes boring and very sucky but look on the brightside, you see your friends everyday!

|*-How many times have you...-*|
16) had sex: psh, Oh toooo many times!!! NAW JUST MESSING. I havent had sex. Saving myself for that special someone.
17) gone to concerts(which ones?): Um.. some.
-Avril Lavign
18) Flunked a class: Umm.. not hte semester.. well Algebra thats it! I SWEAR!!

19) Pick 2 bands that you think each MOD listens to. It's okay if you're completely off. It's just cool to see what you think we like:
a.)sweetcaroline: Bright Eyes
b.)taylah_____jane: Less Than Jake
( Sorry if I am waaaaay off)
20) Give names and pictures of your coolest friends:
Image hosted by
My Best Buddy Jackie

Image hosted by
The Oh So Sexy Carlos

Image hosted by
Me&My buddy Jordan (I heart her)

Image hosted by
And Me& My Boyfriend

21) Give pictures of your favorite places/buildings/whatever in your town: Sorry I do not have any "favorite places" in my town =/ I hope thats kool

22) Where did you hear about love_____affair?: Um.. I was going through LJ and came across this community.
23) Promote this community in two places and give links. We will be checking.=):

24) Post a 100x100 photo of you for the members page. And it better be 100x100 or we will hunt you down and rip your insides out. Seriously it's not that hard.: Gosh darnit. Make me resize my pics!! Well, I tried resizing it .. but I dont think I got it to 100x100
Image hosted by

25) Pictures of you. Preferably good facial shots:
Image hosted by
I like this one.. even though I dont wear glasses.. they're my moms =)

Image hosted by
I like this one too

Image hosted by
I Look really crappy in this one

Sorry if my application is "disturbing"

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Ach. You don't look thirteen. And your spelling and punctuation are great, people in their twenties are crap at it! Well done. I guess still being in school pays off :D hehe! I liked your app, I guess I'm not the only sadass who went to see Avril, huh? And at least you knew what sXe meant.

Oh. I want to say know because generally little peoples are annoying. But I have to say yes on the grounds that you've given me no reason not to :)

Wahoo thank you! =D I feel special now. This is like the first rating community I join without my friends being the MOD.

Avril was pretty cool, I guess.. I really went for simple plan. =)

Me not look thirteen?? HAHA!! FUNNY!! Naw, its cuz thats only my face, I'm like suuuper short! =P

Thanks for the Okay. =)
^ thats mainer for yes
you went to a KISS concert?
that must have rocked man
ah, yes. The day before my birthday. IT WAS AWESOME!

Thanks for hte yes. =)
because you admit that you went to see avril lavigne i went to see simple plan when i was 13 too! =)

Yeah i dont think you look 13 either. oh well.
but you're pretty.
so sure
Haha, what a cuh-winkadink! <--spelled it wrong.

Heh, well thank you, but I am thirteen yrs!!

Thanks for the "yes"
your cute!
& your from texas.
Thank you! =)
in the future don't reply to anything until you've been accepted, but whatever.

Now promote so we can get some new members please. thanks
Thank you! =D I will promote a lot!! =)